Hi! I’m Alice, I come from Italy and I was a student at CESC in autumn 2016. I would highly recommend this school to everyone who wants to learn or improve their knowledge of the English language. I attended the IELTS class, as my goal was to achieve at least a 7 in each component of the exam, in order to apply for a Ph.D. in Psychology. Thanks to CESC, I got even more than I was hoping for, with an overall band score of 8. I’m truly grateful for all the help I received from CESC, it really made the difference! All the teachers are highly qualified and they have many years of experience in teaching English as a foreign language. They really care about the different goals of each student and the lessons are very interesting. The afternoon activities organized by the staff combine the opportunity of both practicing English and meeting new friends. I had the chance to meet interesting people from all over the world and to learn with them in a friendly environment. The staff has also been very nice and helpful. I’m really missing being at CESC!