Standard of accommodation
  • Good size single bedroom with comfortable bed
  • Half-board accommodation
  • No students share a room unless they want to
  • All students get a table and chair for studying
  • Sheets, pillowcases and towels are provided and changed each week.  You must provide your own toiletries
  • Your clothes will be washed but you will need to do your own ironing
  • The homestay provider cleans the room, the student keeps it tidy
Sharing English life
  • Stay with a welcoming family
  • Practise your English at meal times and in the evening
  • Have fun and join in with family life
  • Learn about English culture and tell English people about your culture
Meals & additional information
  • From Monday – Friday, you will get half-board (breakfast & evening meal)
  • From Monday – Friday, you cannot stay at the homestay between 09:00 – 16:00
  • At the weekends, you will get all of your meals
  • If you have any dietary preference or restrictions please let us know
Getting to and from the school
  • On the first day, your homestay provider will bring you to the school
  • All of our homestay providers are within a 5-20 minute journey time by foot or public transport

Single homestay   |   £155.00 per week

Ensuite homestay   |   £195.00 per week

Self-catering homestay   |   £130.00 per week*

Bed & Breakfast homestay  |   £140.00 per week*

Hosting medical conditions/allergies (including gluten-free/coeliac)  |  £25.00

One additional night  |  £25.00

Accommodation Handling Fee  |  £50.00

Accommodation with a homestay provider is booked in one week periods, Sunday to Sunday.

Our Accommodation Team can also assist in booking Bed & Breakfast or Hotel accommodation where you will benefit from our special rates.

If you have any questions please contact our Accommodation Team.

*Please note that Self-catering and Bed & Breakfast options are only for our 18+ students.