Course Description

All teachers know that it is important to keep up to date with new methodologies and approaches and to share their ideas with others in the profession.  At CESC, we have been providing high-quality teacher training courses for many years. We take into account your particular teaching backgrounds and your students’ needs.

Our Teaching Methodology Course attracts teachers from all over the world. It develops teaching skills for key areas of teaching English as another language. The course is very practical with demonstration of techniques for the classroom and exploration of key principles behind these techniques to help you adapt and develop them for your own teaching context.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is for teachers who teach English as another language to students in a secondary school or work in an adult learning context. Participants should have at least a strong B1 (good intermediate) level of English. Participants should already be able to talk clearly about topics related to their work and life and be able to write clear, developed texts on these subjects.    

What are the benefits? & Why study this course at CESC?

  • Learn ways to organise lessons and activities that motivate and engage your students to speak and participate in English
  • Develop techniques for helping your students develop speaking, writing, listening and reading skills more effectively
  • Learn approaches and techniques for clarifying and practising English language effectively
  • Develop ways of assessing and supporting student language progression

Tuition Fee: £310 per week

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