Course Description

Immersing yourself in the local culture of the United Kingdom with
like-minded people can be a very enjoyable holiday experience and a great way to improve your English. Our two-week English Select course provides a combination of culturally focused language lessons and pleasant afternoon activities explaining the fascinating variety of local history, culture and experiencing the beautiful countryside of East Anglia.

Who is this course suitable for? 

This two-week language vacation course is for people who want to experience the local region and culture and talk in English with like-minded people about related topics in a relaxed, friendly environment. Participants should already have at least an A2 (pre-intermediate) level of English and feel reasonably comfortable asking and answering questions about topics that are familiar to them.

What are the benefits?

Greater confidence in using English to communicate what you want to say to others about your interests, about culture and about the wider world

An enjoyable holiday experience with like-minded people

A greater understanding and appreciation of UK cultures and local history


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