Course Description

In the modern world, the ability to communicate effectively with speakers of English from all over the world is crucial. This course is designed to give you the opportunity to practise speaking about interesting  and important topics with people form all over the world.

It will also help your confidence as a user of English and help you to develop a plan to continue to learn English after you go back home. Whether it be on general everyday topics, or discussing ideas and politics, the skill of international communication allows people to develop themselves both professionally and personally.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is for people of all backgrounds and ages. Participants should be at least B1 ( intermediate) level. Participants should already be able to talk clearly about their everyday lives and have a wish to develop this ability and combine it with the ability to discuss interesting and controversial issues. Students, employees and academics who want to be able to communicate effectively about their lives, their countries and the world we live in will benefit from this course.

 What are the benefits? & Why study this course at CESC?
  • Develop the vocabulary and grammar for effective interpersonal communication on day to day topics
  • Develop the language necessary to participate in contemporary social and political discussions
  • Be exposed to a variety of English styles and viewpoints from around the world
  • Get guidance about how to learn English more effectively once the course has finished


Full Course Information